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Monday, August 07, 2006

New communication-related books in the library 7 August

A selection of new books related to communication. These are on display in the Main Library and can be borrowed.

The rise of the Chinese consumer: theory & evidence
Jonathan Garner
306.30951 GAR

Chinese entrepreneurship and Asian business networks
Thomas Menkhoff & Solvay Gerke (eds)
338.04 CHI

Public opinion and political change in China
Wenfang Tang
320.951 TAN

The visible hand: the changing role of the state in New Zealand's development
Andrew Ladley & John R Martin (eds)
320.60993 THE

New Zealand identities: departures & destinations
James H Liu, Tim McCreanor, Tracey McIntosh & Teresia Teaiwa (eds)
305.800993 NEW

Imperialism in Asia
Nicholas Tarling
325.32095 TAR

Postmodern encounters: Thomas Sebeok and the signs of life
Susan Petrilli & Augusto Ponzio
302.2 SEB PET

Books and boots: the story of New Zealand publisher, writer and long distance walker Alfred Hamish Reed
Ian Dougherty
070.5092 REE DOU

Understanding media cultures (2nd ed)
Nick Stevenson
302.23 STE

Handbook of sports & media
Arthur A Raney & Jennings Bryant (eds)
070.449796 HAN

The knowledge enterprise: implementation of intelligent business strategies
J Friso Den Hertog & Edward Huizenga
658.4038 HER

Business law in the global marketplace: the effects on international business
Peter Nayler
346.065 NAY

The translation zone: a new comparative literature
Emily Apter
306.44 APT

Can the market deliver? Funding public service television in the digital age
Deiter Helm & others
384.554 CAN

Readings in propaganda and persuasion: new & classic essays
Garth S Jowett & Victoria O'Donnell
303.375 REA

Our voices: essays in culture, ethnicity & communication (4th ed)
Alberto Gonzalez, Marsha Houston & Victoria Chen
303.482 OUR

The handbook of political sociology: states, civil societies & globalization
Thomas Jonoski, Robert Alford, Alexander Hicks & Mildred A Schwartz (eds)
306.2 HAN

Rumor mills: the social impact of rumor and legend
Gary Alan Fine, Veronique Campion-Vincent & Chip Heath (eds)
302.24 RUM

Messages: free expression, media & the West from Gutenberg to Google
Brian Winston
302.2309 WIN

Teaching international students : improving learning for all
Carroll, Jude 378.19829 TEA

Academic writing : a handbook for international students
Bailey, Stephen 808.0428 BAI

The Godzone dictionary of favourite New Zealand words and phrases
Cryer, Max 427.993 CRY Reference

New journals
Australian journal of communication 33 (1) 2006 302.23 AUS
Table of contents available at: http://mcs.sagepub.com/content/vol28/issue4/
Media, culture and society 28 (4) July 2006 302.2 MED

Rosanne van Leeuwen
Communications Liaison librarian