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Friday, September 29, 2006

New communication-related books in the Library, September 2006

These books have recently arrived in the library, and are on the display shelves. You may borrow straight away.
Culture and demography in organizations
Harrison, J. Richard 302.35 HAR

Globalization and culture change in the Pacific Islands
Lockwood, Victoria S 306.0995 GLO

Prosperity for all? : economic, social and political change in New Zealand since 1935
Roper, Brian S 338.993 ROP

Handbook of markets and economies : East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand
Pecotich, Anthony. 330.95 HAN

Brands : meaning and value in media culture
Arvidsson, Adam 658.827 ARV

Narrative and media
Fulton, Helen 302.23 NAR

Giddens, Anthony 301 GID

Talk is cheap : switching to internet telephones
Gaskin, James E 621.38212 GAS

The misunderstood China : uncovering the truth behind the bamboo curtain
Lo, Chi 338.951 LO

Science and technology in society : from biotechnology to the Internet
Kleinman, Daniel Lee 303.483 KLE

The new Australian and New Zealand public relations manual
Tymson, Candy 659.20994 TYM

Sport ethics : concepts and cases in sport and recreation
Malloy, David Cruise 175 MAL

A handbook for social science field research : essays & bibliographic sources on research design and methods
Perecman, Ellen 300.723 HAN

Media messages : what film, television, and popular music teach us about race, class, gender, and sexual orientation
Holtzman, Linda 302.230973 HOL

Mass media and society
Curran, James 302.23 MAS

Culture + technology : a primer
Slack, Jennifer Daryl 306.46 SLA

Media and cultural studies : keyworks
Durham, Meenakshi Gigi 302.23 MED

Listening beyond the echoes : media, ethics, and agency in an uncertain world
Couldry, Nick 302.23 COU

New journal issues:

Communication research 33 (4) 302.2 COM
Convergence: The international journal of research into new media technologies 12 (3) Aug 2006 303.4833 CON
Critical studies in media communication 23 (2) 302.23 CRI
(couple of articles on war/terror journalism)
Global media and communication 2 (2) Aug 2006 302.23 GLO
International communication gazette 68 (1) 070 GAZ - includes articles oon radio in democracy, new forms of intercultural communication in a gloablized world; and 68 (4) Aug 2006
Leadership 2 (3) 303.34 LEA
Theory culture and society 23 (4) July 2006

Rosanne van Leeuwen
Communication liaison librarian
29 September 2006