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Monday, October 16, 2006

New communication-related books in the Main Library

These books are on display from 18th October:
Millennial monsters: Japanese toys and the global imagination
Anne Allison
688.720952 ALL

A concise history of the world since 1945
WM Spellman
909.825 SPE

When society becomes an addict: Understanding the social system, reclaiming our personal power
Anne Wilson Schaef
302 SCH

Culture wars: The media & the British left
James Curran, Ivor Gaber, Julian Petley
306.20941 CUR

Intercultural organizational communication: Five corporate cases in Japan
Lisbeth Clausen
395.520952 CLA

Liberty beyond neo-libralism: A republican critique of liberal governance in a globalising age
Steven Slaughter
320.513 SLA

Communication technology and human development: Recent experiences in the Indian social sector
Avik Ghosh
303.48330954 GHO

Setting the people free: The story of democracy
John Dunn
321.8 DUN

Handbook of markets and economies: East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand
Anthony Pecotich & Clifford J. Shultz II (Eds)
330.95 HAN

Framing war and genocide: British policy and news media reaction to the war in Bosnia
Gregory Kent
070.449949703 KEN

The world news prism: Global information in a satellite age (7th ed)
William A Hachten & James F Scotton
070.4332 HAC

CU next Tuesday: A good look at bad language
Ruth Wajnryb
417.2 WAJ

Skilled interpersonal communication: Research, theory and practice (4th ed)
Owen Hargie & David Dickson
302.34 HAR

50 ways to understand communication: A guided tour of key ideas and theorists in communication, media, and culture
Arthur Asa Berger
302.23 BER