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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New books and latest journal issues in the Main Library

Latest communication-related books to arrive in the library. These can be borrowed straight away (nb while some may be on the display shelves, others may already be on the normal shelves)

The cell phone reader : essays in social transformation
Kavoori, Anandam P.

State and society in 21st century China : crisis, contention, and legitimation
Gries, Peter Hays 306.0951 STA

The road to martyrs' square : a journey into the world of the suicide bomber
Oliver, A. M. 956.94054 OLI

Paradigms lost : the life and deaths of the printed word
Sonn, William J 686.209 SON

Getting a grip on the paper war : managing information in the modern office
Pearce, Robyn 651.5 PEA

A study of modern television : thinking inside the box
Crisell, Andrew 384.55 CRI

Cantoni, Lorenzo 004.678 CAN

Media in situations of conflict : roles, challenges, and responsibility
Mbaine, Adolf E 303.6 MED

No time outs : what it's really like to be a sportswriter today
Walsh, Christopher 070.449796092 WAL

Beyond e-learning: Approaches and technologies to enhance organizational knowledge, learning and performance
Marc J Rosenberg
371.3344678 ROS

Case studies in organizational communication: Ethical perspectives and practices
Steve May (Ed)
302.35 CAS

Dictionary of media and communication studies (7th ed)
James Watson & Anne Hill
302.203 WAT (Reference)

Feature writing: A practical introduction
Susan Pape & Sue Featherstone
070.44 PAP

Framing celebrity: New directions in celebrity culture
Su Holmes & Sean Redmond (Eds)
306.090511 FRA

Intercultural communication: A reader (11th ed)
Larry A Samovar, Richard E Porter, Edwin R McDaniel (Eds)
303.482 INT

Social comparison and social psychology: Understanding cognition, intergroup relations and culture
Serge Guimond (Ed)
302.4 SOC

Television technology demystified: A non-technical guide
Aleksandar Louis Todorovic
621.3883 TOD

Speaking technically: A handbook for scientists, engineers, and physicians on how to improve technical presentations
Sinclair Goodlad
601.4 GOO

The electronic reporter: broadcast journalism in Australia (2nd ed)
Barbara Alysen
070.1950994 ALY

Cultural theory and popular culture: An introduction (4th ed)
John Storey

Muslims and the news media
Elizabeth Poole & John E Richardson (Eds)
302.230882971 MUS

Cross-cultural competence
Slawomir Magala
302.35 MAG

TV talk: a dictionary of words and phrases popularized by television
Andrew Holmes
791.4503 HOL

A new sociology of work:
Lynn Pettinger, Jane Parry, Rebecca Taylor & Miriam Glucksmann
306.36 NEW

HWF Saggs
935 SAG

Boundaries of dissent: Protest and state power in the media age
Bruce D'Arcus
303.484 DAR

Virtual Thailand: The media and cultural politics in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore
Glen Lewis
302.230954 LEW

Doing your dissertation in business and management: The reality of researching and writing
Reva Berman Brown
658.0072 BRO

Spreading misandry: The teaching of contempt for men in popular culture
Paul Nathanson & Catherine K Young
305.31 NAT

Introduction to social research : quantitative and qualitative approaches
Punch, Keith. 300.72 PUN

Managing student teams
Caspersz, Donella. 378.1795 CAS

Communication journal of New Zealand He kohinga korero 6 (1) Dec. 2005 302.20993 COM

Convergence: The international journal of research into new media technologies 12 (4) Nov 2006 - special issue, An end to the new? Re-assessing the claims for new media writings

International journal of intercultural relations 30 (6) 303.482 INT Special issue on "Attitudes towards iummigrants and immigration"

Media Asia 32 (3) 302.23 MED

Leadership 2 (4) Nov 2006 303.34 LEA

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New books in the Main Library related to communication

The following books have recently arrived in the library -
some will be on display, some may have hit the shelves already.

Intercultural competence : interpersonal communication across cultures
Lustig, Myron W. 303.482 LUS

Communication between cultures
Samovar, Larry A. 303.482 SAM

Introducing students to the culture of enquiry in an arts degree
Chanock, Kate. 378.170281 CHA

The McGraw-Hill handbook of business letters
Poe, Roy W 651.75 POE

Cupcakes and Kalashnikovs : 100 years of the best journalism by women
Mills, Eleanor 070.922 CUP

Remaking media : the struggle to democratize public communication
Hackett, Robert A 302.23 HAC

The politics of piracy : intellectual property in contemporary China
Mertha, Andrew 346.048 MER

Media & minorities : the politics of race in news and entertainment
Larson, Stephanie Greco 302.23089 LAR

Communication highwire : leveraging the power of diverse communication styles
Saphiere, Dianne Hofner 658.45 SAP

New journal titles:
Asian journal of communication 16 (3) Sept 2006 302.2095 ASI Focus issus on STDs/AIDS Communication research in Asia
Critical studies in media communication 23 (3) August 2006 302.23 CRI
Communication research 33 (5) October 2006 302.2 COM
International journal of intercultural relatioins 30 (5) Sept 2006 303.482 INT
Media culture and society 28 (5) Sept 2006 302.2 MED
Pacific journalism review 12 (2) Sept 2006 079 PAC
Public opinion quarterly 70 (3) Fall 2006 301.15 PUB
Theory culture and society 23 (5) Sept 2006