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Monday, November 26, 2007

Latest Communication related books 26 Nov 2007

The mediation of power : a critical introduction. Davis, Aeron.
302.23 DAV

Change of state : information, policy, and power. Braman, Sandra.
303.48330973 BRA

Government communication in Australia. Young, Sally Ann.
352.384 GOV

Reconfiguring public relations : ecology, equity, and enterprise. McKie, David.
659.2 MCK

Consumer culture and postmodernism (2nd Ed). Featherstone, Mike.
306 FEA

21st century journalism in India. Rajan, Nalini.
079.54 TWE

The political communication reader. Negrine, Ralph M.
302.23 POL

Globalization and cultural trends in China. Liu, Kang.
951.059 LIU

Desiring China : experiments in neoliberalism, sexuality, and public culture. Rofel, Lisa.
306.70951 ROF

The Cambridge introduction to creative writing
Morley, David 808.042 MOR

The Internet and society : a reference handbook
Schell, Bernadette 303.4833 SCH

Saturday, October 20, 2007

New books relevant to Communication Studies

All news is local : the failure of the media to reflect world events in a globalized age
Stanton, Richard. 070.4 STA

Global media discourse : a critical introduction
Machin, David. 302.2 MAC

Rogue flows : trans-Asian cultural traffic
Iwabuchi, Koichi. 303.4825 ROG

The word weavers : newshounds and wordsmiths
Aitchison, Jean. 808.06607 AIT

A history of freedom of thought
Bury, J. B. 323.442 BUR

Beyond culture
Hall, Edward Twitchell. 306 HAL

Wake me up when the data is over : how organizations use stories to drive results
Silverman, Lori. 658.45 SIL

English : meaning and culture
Wierzbicka, Anna. 420.143 WIE

Saturday, October 06, 2007

New books relevant to Communication Studies

Public relations writing : form & style
Newsom, Doug. 659.2 NEW

Speaking truth to power : public intellectuals rethink New Zealand
Simmons, Laurence. 305.552 SPE

Gender and the media
Gill, Rosalind (Rosalind Clair). 302.23082

Turning off the television : broadcasting's uncertain future
Given, Jock. 384.550994 GIV

Persuasion : reception and responsibility
Larson, Charles U. 303.342 LAR

The public relations writer's handbook : the digital age
Aronson, Merry. 659.2 ARO

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New books relevant to Communication Studies

Public television in the digital era : technological challenges and new strategies in Europe
Iosifidis, Petros. 384.554 IOS

Global culture : media, arts, policy, and globalization
Crane, Diana. 302.23 GLO

Covering your campus : a guide for student newspapers
Nesvisky, Matt. 371.8974 NES

Global marketing and advertising : understanding cultural paradoxes (2nd ed.)
Mooij, Marieke K. de. 658.802 MOO

Media discourses : analysing media texts
Matheson, Donald. 302.23 MAT

Young citizens in the digital age : political engagement, young people and new media
Loader, Brian. 320.0835 YOU

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New books relevant to Communication Studies

Ongoing crisis communication : planning, managing, and responding (2nd ed.)
Coombs, W. Timothy. 658.4056 COO

Arab media and political renewal : community, legitimacy and public life
Sakr, Naomi. 302.230953 ARA

The rough guide to blogging
Yang, Jonathan. 006.7 YAN

Effective press relations for the built environment : a practical guide
Elias, Helen. 659.2969 ELI

Think ASEAN! : rethinking marketing toward ASEAN community 2015
Kotler, Philip. 658.800959 KOT

Entrepreneur magazine's public relations made easy
Barnes, Roscoe. 659.2 BAR

Managing cultural differences : global leadership strategies for the 21st century (7th ed.)
Moran, Robert T. 658.18 MOR

The economics of sports broadcasting
Gratton, Chris. 070.449796 GRA

So you want to be a journalist?
Grundy, Bruce. 070.4 GRU

Moving cultures : mobile communication in everyday life
Caron, André H. 303.48330835 CAR

The professionalisation of political communication
Negrine, Ralph M. 320.014094 PRO

Understanding the psychology of diversity
Blaine, Bruce Evan. 303.385 BLA

Mechanisms for setting broadcasting funding levels in OECD countries : research and analysis project report prepared for Te Manatu Taonga-Ministry for Culture and Heritage
Unitec New Zealand. School of Communication. 354.75246 MEC

Social psychology matters
Hollway, Wendy. 302 SOC

Monday, September 10, 2007

New books relevant to communication - 10 September 2007

Recently arrived items that may be of interest (these will be on display from Mid-September):
Goth : undead subculture
Goodlad, Lauren M. E. 306.1 GOT

Culture-on-demand : communication in a crisis world
Lull, James 302.2 LUL

Consumer culture : history, theory and politics
Sassatelli, Roberta 306.3 SAS

Close encounters : communication in relationships
Guerrero, Laura K 153.6 GUE

John Pilger's The new rulers of the world - DVD, includes "War by other means" and "Burp! Pepsi v Coke in the ice cold war"
Pilger, John

Facilitator's guide to participatory decision-making
Kaner, Sam 658.4036 KAN

The internet imaginaire
Flichy, Patrice 306.46 FLI

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Books Relevant to Communication Studies

Mass media, culture, and society in twentieth-century Germany
Führer, Karl Christian. 302.230943 MAS

Public relations online : lasting concepts for changing media
Kelleher, Tom. 659.20285 KEL

Essentials of corporate communication : essential practices for effective reputation management
Riel, C. B. M. van. 658.45 RIE

Minority language media : concepts, critiques, and case studies
Cormack, Michael J. 302.23089 MIN

International public relations : negotiating culture, identity, and power
Curtin, Patricia A. 659.2 CUR

Media in Hong Kong : press freedom and political change, 1967-2005
Lai, Carol P. 323.445 LAI

Making a difference : public service broadcasting in the European media landscape
Nissen, Christian S. 384.54094 MAK

Interpersonal communication (6th ed.)
Trenholm, Sarah. 153.6 TRE

Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Books Relevant to Communication Studies

New Books Relevant to Communication Studies

Designing effective communications : creating contexts for clarity and meaning
Frascara, Jorge. 741.6 DES

The myth of media violence : a critical introduction
Trend, David. 303.6 TRE

How to manage a successful press conference
Leinemann, Ralf. 659.2 LEI

Cultural dilemmas in public service broadcasting
Lowe, Gregory Ferrell. 384.54 CUL

Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Books Relevant to Communication Studies

Media policy and globalization
Chakravartty, Paula. 302.23 CHA

Organized networks : media theory, creative labour, new institutions
Rossiter, Ned. 302.23 ROS

Knowledge goes pop : from conspiracy theory to gossip
Birchall, Clare. 306.42 BIR

The media and conflicts in Central Africa
Frère, Marie-Soleil. 070.4499670329 FRE

Drugs and popular culture : drugs, media and identity in contemporary society
Manning, Paul. 362.29163 DRU

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New books relevant to Communication Studies

Reclaiming the media : communication rights and democratic media roles
Cammaerts, B. (Bart) 321.8 REC

Communications media, globalization and empire
Boyd-Barrett, Oliver. 302.23 COM

Social communication
Fiedler, Klaus. 306.44 SOC

Power and public relations
Courtright, Jeffrey L. 659.2 POW

Understanding global media
Flew, Terry. 302.2 FLE

Rationality and power : democracy in practice
Flyvbjerg, Bent. 320.44895 FLY

Power and public relations
Courtright, Jeffrey L. 659.2 POW

Communication and new media : from broadcast to narrowcast
Hirst, Martin. 302.2 HIR

Media relations
Stanton, Richard. 302.23 STA

Online newswriting
Wulfemeyer, K. Tim. 808.06607 WUL

Blogging, citizenship, and the future of media
Tremayne, Mark. 302.231 BLO

The Internet audience : constitution and measurement
Bermejo, Fernando. 302.231 BER

It's not just PR : public relations in society
Coombs, W. Timothy. 659.2 COO

Small and medium-sized enterprises and the global economy
Susman, Gerald I. 658.022 SMA

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

new communication-related books in the Main library

Communication technology and social change : theory and implications
Lin, Carolyn A. 303.4833 COM

Trends 2000 : how to prepare for and profit from the changes of the 21st century
Celente, Gerald, 303.49 CEL

Cyberculture theorists : Manuel Castells and Donna Haraway
Bell, David 303.4834 BEL

The media globe : trends in international mass media
Artz, Lee. 302.02 MED

Five star mind : games and exercises to stimulate your creativity and imagination
Wujec, Tom 153.3 WUJ

Monday, May 14, 2007

New books relevant to communication studies

Latest books on display in the Main Library (if you can't find them there, check the shelves and the catalogue)

Recentering globalization : popular culture and Japanese transnationalism
Iwabuchi, Koichi. 952.04 IWA

The Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of political thought
Scruton, Roger. 320.03 SCR (Reference)

Geographies of communication : the spatial turn in media studies
Falkheimer, Jesper. 302.23 GEO

Internet communication and qualitative research : a handbook for researching online
Mann, Chris. 025.04 MAN

Media politics : a citizen's guide
Iyengar, Shanto. 302.230973 IYE

Media concentration and democracy : why ownership matters
Baker, C. Edwin. 302.230973 BAK

New Zealand and the global economy : external economic relations and trade policy
Abbott, Malcolm. 337.93 ABB

Capitalism with derivatives : a political economy of financial derivatives, capital and class
Bryan, Dick. 332.632 BRY

Research methods in education Cohen, Louis. 370.72 COH

The postgraduate research handbook : succeed with your MA, MPhil, EdD and PhD Wisker, Gina. 001.42 WIS

Monday, April 30, 2007

New books relevant to communication staff and students

Latest books available in the Main Library - nb, some of these may no longer be on the display shelves.

From counterculture to cyberculture : Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the rise of digital utopianism
Turner, Fred 303.4833 BRA TUR

Public relations cases
Hendrix, Jerry A. 659.2 HEN

Convergence culture : where old and new media collide
Jenkins, Henry 302.230973 JEN

Girls make media
Kearney, Mary Celeste 302.2308352 KEA

The art of connecting : how to overcome differences, build rapport, and communicate effectively with anyone
Raines, Claire 302.2 RAI

The travels of a t-shirt in the global economy : an economist examines the markets, power and politics of world trade
Rivoli, Pietra. 382.45687115 RIV

Effective personal communication skills for public relations
Green, Andy 659.2 GRE

The great New Zealand radio experiment
Neill, Karen. 384.540993 GRE

Digital review of Asia Pacific : (dirAP)
Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme 303.4833095 DIG 2005/2006

Communicating between cultures (DVD)
Schrank, Jeffrey 303.48273 COM

Intercultural communication : a contextual approach
Neuliep, James 303.482 NEU

The newspapers handbook
Keeble, Richard 070.172 KEE

Media & Te Tiriti o Waitangi 2004
Barnes, Angela Moewaka. 302.23089 MED

Public relations : from theory to practice
Hansen-Horn, Tricia 659.2 PUB

Media and political violence
Nossek, Hillel 303.6 NOS

Monday, April 02, 2007

New books and journals relevant to communication staff and students

Remember that the Main Library is closed over Easter - Good Friday, 6 April - Easter Monday 9 April inclusive and open Tuesday 10 April 9.00-4.30. Normal hours resume Wednesday 11 April. (Waitakere Library is open Easter Saturday and Sunday, and Tuesday 10 April).

We have recently started subscribing to two new journals:
Journal of social and personal relationships 302.34 JOU.
Television and new media 384.55 TEL
We also have electronic access to both these journals from our catalogue.

Southeast Asian responses to globalization : restructuring governance and deepening democracy Loh, Francis Kok-Wah. 321.80959 SOU

The rational imagination : how people create alternatives to reality
Byrne, Ruth M. J. 128.3 BYR

Ethics in the workplace : tools and tactics for organizational transformation
Johnson, Craig E. 174.4 JOH

The change function : why some technologies take off and others crash and burn
Coburn, Pip. 338.476 COB

Who controls the Internet? : illusions of a borderless world
Goldsmith, Jack L. 303.4833 GOL

Secrets and lies
Hager, Nicky. 363.7 HAG

A first look at communication theory
Griffin, Emory A. 302.201 GRI

The persuasion handbook : developments in theory and practice
Dillard, James Price. 303.342 PER

The elements of public speaking (7th Ed.)
DeVito, Joseph A. 808.51 DEV

Speech communication made simple
Dale, Paulette. 808.51 DAL

Concept mapping for planning and evaluation
Trochim, Mary Kane 300.1154 TRO
Radio : a complete guide to the industry
Richter, William A 384.540973 RIC
ZB : the voice of an iconic radio station
Francis, Bill 384.54530993 NEW FRA
Asia Pacific in world politics
McDougall, Derek 327.5 MCD
The reinvention of everyday life : culture in the twenty-first century
McNaughton, Howard Douglas 303.4 REI
Blogosphere : the new political arena
Keren, Michael 303.4833 KER
Information technology ethics : cultural perspectives
Hongladaram, Soraj 174.93034833 INF

Monday, March 26, 2007

Looking for Ebsco databases?

Kia ora searchers,
We've adjusted our journal databases links slightly to (hopefully) make things easier. Under "Find journal articles" there is a new link to "Communication databases" - this will allow you to search a range of Ebsco databases at the same time (such as Academic search premier, Business source premier, Communication and mass media complete, SocIndex with fulltext). To search other Ebsco databases (eg the health ones), go to the alphabetical list of databases and click on EbscoHost.

We hope this makes things easier for you - but let us know by posting a comment to this blog.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Latest communication-related books in the library

These new books relevant to communication studies are on display in the Main Library from Wed, 28th February - if you can't find something, it may have already gone out, or be on the shelves.

Books related to research:
Mass media and political communication in new democracies
Voltmer, Katrin (ed) 302.23 MAS

Outlaw culture
Hooks, Bell 305.896073 HOO

Reputation management: The key to successful public relations and corporate communication
Doorley, John & Garcia, Helio Fred 659.2 DOO

The impact of information on society: An examination of its nature, value and usage
Hill, Michael 303.4833 HIL

The internet and politics: Citizens, voters and activists
Oates, Sarah; Owen, Diana & Gibson, Rachel K 323.0420285 INT

The silent language
Hall, Edward 303.482 HAL

The pratice of public relations
Seitel, Fraser 659.2 SEI

Cultural chaos: Journalism, news and power in a globalised world
McNair, Brian 302.23 MCN

Marketing communication policies
Busch, Ranier; Seidenspinner, Margarete & Unger, Fritz 658.802 BUS

The media and communications in Australia
Cunningham, Stuart & Turner, Graeme 302.230994 MED

Community informatics: Shaping computer-mediated social relations
Keeble, Leigh & Loader, Brian D 302.23 COM

Politeness: Some universals in language usage
Brown, Penelope & Levinson, Stephen 306.44 BRO

Digital generations: Children, young people and new media
Buckingham, David & Willett, Rebekah 303.4833083 DIG

Journalists under fire: Information, war and journalistic practices
Tumber, Howard & Webster, Frank 070.4333 TUM

Bridging the gaps in global communication
Newsom, Doug 302.2 NEW

Children and television: Fifty years of research
Pecora, Norma; Murray, John P & Wartella, Ellen Ann 302.2345083 CHI

Critical cyber-culture studies
Silver, David & Massanari, Adrienne 303.4833 CRI

Evidence-based policy: Realist perspective
Pawson, Ray 320.6 PAW

Books related to doing research:

The good supervisor: Supervising postgraduate and undergraduate research for doctoral theses and dissertations
Wisker, Gina 378.194 WIS

Handbook of action research
Reason, Peter & Bradbury, Hilary 300.72 HAN

Doing data analysis with SPSS version 12
Carver, Robert H & Nash, Jane Gradwohl 300.285 SPS CAR

Higher education and working life: Collaborations, confrontations and challenges
Tynjala, Paivi; Valimaa, Jussi & Boulton-Lewis, Gillian 331.11423 HIG

Research methods for business students
Saunders, Mark; Lewis, Phillip & Thornhill, Adrian 650.072 SAU

The practice of social research
Babbie, Earl 300.72 BAB

How to write a thesis
Murrray, Rowena 808.066378

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New communication-related books in the library

Kia ora students and staff.
Welcome to Semester 1, 2007. This blog is just to keep you up-to-date with things in the library. From time to time I will post lists of new books. These are on display in the Main Library - if you can't find something, it may have already gone out, or be on the shelves.

New books relevant to communication studies on display in the library from Wed, 21st February.

Critical readings : violence and the media
Weaver, C. Kay 303.6 CRI

How revolutionary was the digital revolution? : national responses, market transitions, and global technology Zysman, John 303.4833 HOW

Analysing newspapers : an approach from critical discourse analysis
Richardson, John 302.2322 RIC

Perspectives on global cultures Harindranath, Ramaswami 306.091724 HAR

Real feature writing : story shapes and writing strategies from the real world of journalism
Aamidor, Abraham 070.44 AAM

Sports journalism : context and issues
Boyle, Raymond 070.449796 BOY

The handbook of academic writing : a fresh approach
Murray, Rowena 808.066378 MUR

Voices of the new Arab public : Iraq, Al-Jazeera, and Middle East politics today
Lynch, Marc 306.209174927 LYN

The economics of attention : style and substance in the age of information
Lanham, Richard A. 303.4833 LAN

Diaspora, identity, and the media : diasporic transnationalism and mediated spatialities
Georgiou, Myria 320.54 GEO

The Sage dictionary of social research methods
Jupp, Victor 300.72 SAG

Cell phone culture : mobile technology in everyday life
Goggin, Gerard 303.48330904 GOG

Rosanne van Leeuwen
Liaison Librarian for communication