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Monday, February 26, 2007

Latest communication-related books in the library

These new books relevant to communication studies are on display in the Main Library from Wed, 28th February - if you can't find something, it may have already gone out, or be on the shelves.

Books related to research:
Mass media and political communication in new democracies
Voltmer, Katrin (ed) 302.23 MAS

Outlaw culture
Hooks, Bell 305.896073 HOO

Reputation management: The key to successful public relations and corporate communication
Doorley, John & Garcia, Helio Fred 659.2 DOO

The impact of information on society: An examination of its nature, value and usage
Hill, Michael 303.4833 HIL

The internet and politics: Citizens, voters and activists
Oates, Sarah; Owen, Diana & Gibson, Rachel K 323.0420285 INT

The silent language
Hall, Edward 303.482 HAL

The pratice of public relations
Seitel, Fraser 659.2 SEI

Cultural chaos: Journalism, news and power in a globalised world
McNair, Brian 302.23 MCN

Marketing communication policies
Busch, Ranier; Seidenspinner, Margarete & Unger, Fritz 658.802 BUS

The media and communications in Australia
Cunningham, Stuart & Turner, Graeme 302.230994 MED

Community informatics: Shaping computer-mediated social relations
Keeble, Leigh & Loader, Brian D 302.23 COM

Politeness: Some universals in language usage
Brown, Penelope & Levinson, Stephen 306.44 BRO

Digital generations: Children, young people and new media
Buckingham, David & Willett, Rebekah 303.4833083 DIG

Journalists under fire: Information, war and journalistic practices
Tumber, Howard & Webster, Frank 070.4333 TUM

Bridging the gaps in global communication
Newsom, Doug 302.2 NEW

Children and television: Fifty years of research
Pecora, Norma; Murray, John P & Wartella, Ellen Ann 302.2345083 CHI

Critical cyber-culture studies
Silver, David & Massanari, Adrienne 303.4833 CRI

Evidence-based policy: Realist perspective
Pawson, Ray 320.6 PAW

Books related to doing research:

The good supervisor: Supervising postgraduate and undergraduate research for doctoral theses and dissertations
Wisker, Gina 378.194 WIS

Handbook of action research
Reason, Peter & Bradbury, Hilary 300.72 HAN

Doing data analysis with SPSS version 12
Carver, Robert H & Nash, Jane Gradwohl 300.285 SPS CAR

Higher education and working life: Collaborations, confrontations and challenges
Tynjala, Paivi; Valimaa, Jussi & Boulton-Lewis, Gillian 331.11423 HIG

Research methods for business students
Saunders, Mark; Lewis, Phillip & Thornhill, Adrian 650.072 SAU

The practice of social research
Babbie, Earl 300.72 BAB

How to write a thesis
Murrray, Rowena 808.066378

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New communication-related books in the library

Kia ora students and staff.
Welcome to Semester 1, 2007. This blog is just to keep you up-to-date with things in the library. From time to time I will post lists of new books. These are on display in the Main Library - if you can't find something, it may have already gone out, or be on the shelves.

New books relevant to communication studies on display in the library from Wed, 21st February.

Critical readings : violence and the media
Weaver, C. Kay 303.6 CRI

How revolutionary was the digital revolution? : national responses, market transitions, and global technology Zysman, John 303.4833 HOW

Analysing newspapers : an approach from critical discourse analysis
Richardson, John 302.2322 RIC

Perspectives on global cultures Harindranath, Ramaswami 306.091724 HAR

Real feature writing : story shapes and writing strategies from the real world of journalism
Aamidor, Abraham 070.44 AAM

Sports journalism : context and issues
Boyle, Raymond 070.449796 BOY

The handbook of academic writing : a fresh approach
Murray, Rowena 808.066378 MUR

Voices of the new Arab public : Iraq, Al-Jazeera, and Middle East politics today
Lynch, Marc 306.209174927 LYN

The economics of attention : style and substance in the age of information
Lanham, Richard A. 303.4833 LAN

Diaspora, identity, and the media : diasporic transnationalism and mediated spatialities
Georgiou, Myria 320.54 GEO

The Sage dictionary of social research methods
Jupp, Victor 300.72 SAG

Cell phone culture : mobile technology in everyday life
Goggin, Gerard 303.48330904 GOG

Rosanne van Leeuwen
Liaison Librarian for communication