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Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Books Relevant to Communication Studies

Mass media, culture, and society in twentieth-century Germany
F├╝hrer, Karl Christian. 302.230943 MAS

Public relations online : lasting concepts for changing media
Kelleher, Tom. 659.20285 KEL

Essentials of corporate communication : essential practices for effective reputation management
Riel, C. B. M. van. 658.45 RIE

Minority language media : concepts, critiques, and case studies
Cormack, Michael J. 302.23089 MIN

International public relations : negotiating culture, identity, and power
Curtin, Patricia A. 659.2 CUR

Media in Hong Kong : press freedom and political change, 1967-2005
Lai, Carol P. 323.445 LAI

Making a difference : public service broadcasting in the European media landscape
Nissen, Christian S. 384.54094 MAK

Interpersonal communication (6th ed.)
Trenholm, Sarah. 153.6 TRE

Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Books Relevant to Communication Studies

New Books Relevant to Communication Studies

Designing effective communications : creating contexts for clarity and meaning
Frascara, Jorge. 741.6 DES

The myth of media violence : a critical introduction
Trend, David. 303.6 TRE

How to manage a successful press conference
Leinemann, Ralf. 659.2 LEI

Cultural dilemmas in public service broadcasting
Lowe, Gregory Ferrell. 384.54 CUL