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Saturday, September 22, 2007

New books relevant to Communication Studies

Public television in the digital era : technological challenges and new strategies in Europe
Iosifidis, Petros. 384.554 IOS

Global culture : media, arts, policy, and globalization
Crane, Diana. 302.23 GLO

Covering your campus : a guide for student newspapers
Nesvisky, Matt. 371.8974 NES

Global marketing and advertising : understanding cultural paradoxes (2nd ed.)
Mooij, Marieke K. de. 658.802 MOO

Media discourses : analysing media texts
Matheson, Donald. 302.23 MAT

Young citizens in the digital age : political engagement, young people and new media
Loader, Brian. 320.0835 YOU

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New books relevant to Communication Studies

Ongoing crisis communication : planning, managing, and responding (2nd ed.)
Coombs, W. Timothy. 658.4056 COO

Arab media and political renewal : community, legitimacy and public life
Sakr, Naomi. 302.230953 ARA

The rough guide to blogging
Yang, Jonathan. 006.7 YAN

Effective press relations for the built environment : a practical guide
Elias, Helen. 659.2969 ELI

Think ASEAN! : rethinking marketing toward ASEAN community 2015
Kotler, Philip. 658.800959 KOT

Entrepreneur magazine's public relations made easy
Barnes, Roscoe. 659.2 BAR

Managing cultural differences : global leadership strategies for the 21st century (7th ed.)
Moran, Robert T. 658.18 MOR

The economics of sports broadcasting
Gratton, Chris. 070.449796 GRA

So you want to be a journalist?
Grundy, Bruce. 070.4 GRU

Moving cultures : mobile communication in everyday life
Caron, André H. 303.48330835 CAR

The professionalisation of political communication
Negrine, Ralph M. 320.014094 PRO

Understanding the psychology of diversity
Blaine, Bruce Evan. 303.385 BLA

Mechanisms for setting broadcasting funding levels in OECD countries : research and analysis project report prepared for Te Manatu Taonga-Ministry for Culture and Heritage
Unitec New Zealand. School of Communication. 354.75246 MEC

Social psychology matters
Hollway, Wendy. 302 SOC

Monday, September 10, 2007

New books relevant to communication - 10 September 2007

Recently arrived items that may be of interest (these will be on display from Mid-September):
Goth : undead subculture
Goodlad, Lauren M. E. 306.1 GOT

Culture-on-demand : communication in a crisis world
Lull, James 302.2 LUL

Consumer culture : history, theory and politics
Sassatelli, Roberta 306.3 SAS

Close encounters : communication in relationships
Guerrero, Laura K 153.6 GUE

John Pilger's The new rulers of the world - DVD, includes "War by other means" and "Burp! Pepsi v Coke in the ice cold war"
Pilger, John

Facilitator's guide to participatory decision-making
Kaner, Sam 658.4036 KAN

The internet imaginaire
Flichy, Patrice 306.46 FLI