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Saturday, October 20, 2007

New books relevant to Communication Studies

All news is local : the failure of the media to reflect world events in a globalized age
Stanton, Richard. 070.4 STA

Global media discourse : a critical introduction
Machin, David. 302.2 MAC

Rogue flows : trans-Asian cultural traffic
Iwabuchi, Koichi. 303.4825 ROG

The word weavers : newshounds and wordsmiths
Aitchison, Jean. 808.06607 AIT

A history of freedom of thought
Bury, J. B. 323.442 BUR

Beyond culture
Hall, Edward Twitchell. 306 HAL

Wake me up when the data is over : how organizations use stories to drive results
Silverman, Lori. 658.45 SIL

English : meaning and culture
Wierzbicka, Anna. 420.143 WIE

Saturday, October 06, 2007

New books relevant to Communication Studies

Public relations writing : form & style
Newsom, Doug. 659.2 NEW

Speaking truth to power : public intellectuals rethink New Zealand
Simmons, Laurence. 305.552 SPE

Gender and the media
Gill, Rosalind (Rosalind Clair). 302.23082

Turning off the television : broadcasting's uncertain future
Given, Jock. 384.550994 GIV

Persuasion : reception and responsibility
Larson, Charles U. 303.342 LAR

The public relations writer's handbook : the digital age
Aronson, Merry. 659.2 ARO