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Saturday, June 20, 2009

New titles relevant to Communication Studies

News as entertainment : the rise of global infotainment
Daya Kishan Thussu. 070.195 THU

Multicultural manners : essential rules of etiquette for the 21st century
Norine Dresser. 395 DRE

Political communication in Asia
Lars Willnat, Annette Aw. (Eds.) 320.95 POL

Image bite politics : news and the visual framing of elections
Maria Elizabeth Grabe and Erik Page Bucy. 324.9730019 GRA

Communicating politics in the twenty-first century
Karen Sanders. 320.014 SAN

How to write and illustrate scientific papers
Björn Gustavii. 808.0665 GUS

Media industries : history, theory, and method
Jennifer Holt and Alisa Perren. (Eds.) 302.23 MED

Mediawriting : print, broadcast, and public relations
W. Richard Whitaker, Janet E. Ramsey, Ronald D. Smith. 808.066302 WHI

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