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Saturday, September 26, 2009

New titles relevant to Communication Studies

Social research methods.
Alan Bryman. 300.72 BRY

Introduction to intercultural communication : identities in a global community.
Fred E. Jandt. 303.482 JAN

Examining identity in sports media.
Heather L. Hundley, Andrew C. Billings. (Eds.). 306.483 EXA

Changing faces of journalism : tabloidization, technology and truthiness.
Barbie Zelizer. (Ed.). 070.909051 CHA

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New titles relevant to Communication Studies

Ideas : a history of thought and invention, from fire to Freud.
Peter Watson. 909 WAT

Public relations in Asia Pacific : communicating effectively across cultures.
Mary M. Devereux, Anne Peirson-Smith. 659.2095 DEV

Mixed media : moral distinctions in advertising, public relations, and journalism.
Thomas Bivins. 175 BIV

Complexity of human communication.
Philip Salem. 302.201 SAL

Digital television in Europe.
Wendy Van Den Broeck, Jo Pierson. (Eds.). 384.55094 DIG

Evaluation in distance education and e-learning : the unfolding model.
Valerie Ruhe, Bruno D. Zumbo. 378.175 RUH

Conducting research literature reviews : from the internet to paper.
Arlene Fink. 001.42 FIN

Twitter revolution : how social media and mobile marketing is changing the way we do business & market online.
Deborah Micek & Warren Whitlock. 658.872 TWI MIC

Political campaigns and political advertising : a media literacy guide.
Frank W. Baker ; foreword by David Considine. 324.73 BAK

YouTube : online video and participatory culture.
Jean Burgess and Joshua Green ; with contributions by Henry Jenkins and John Hartley. 303.4833 YOU BUR

Cultural industries.
David Hesmondhalgh. 338.477 HES

Ethics for the information age.
Michael J. Quinn. 174.93034833 QUI

Saturday, September 05, 2009

New titles relevant to Communication Studies

Citizen journalism : global perspectives.
Stuart Allan and Einar Thorsen. (Eds.). 070.4 CIT

When news was new.
Terhi Rantanen. 302.23 RAN