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Saturday, September 25, 2010

New titles relevant to Communication Studies

Future of thinking : learning institutions in a digital age
Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg ; with the assistance of Zoë Marie Jones. 371.3344678 DAV

Personal connections in the digital age
Nancy Baym. 303.4833 BAY

Psychology of attitudes and attitude change
Gregory R. Maio & Geoffrey Haddock. 153.85 MAI

No university is an island : saving academic freedom
Cary Nelson. 378.12 NEL

Method in social science : a realist approach
Andrew Sayer. 300.72 SAY

Agenda-setting dynamics in Canada
Stuart N. Soroka. 302.230971 SOR

Al-Jazeera and US war coverage
Tal Samuel-Azran. 070.4309174927 ALJ SAM

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New titles relevant to Communication Studies

Quantitative methods [videorecording]
Odyssey Productions LLC. 300.72 QUA

Research design [videorecording] : the survey.
001.433 RES

Language and culture : reflective narratives and the emergence of identity
David Nunan, Julie Choi (Eds.). 302.44 LAN

Companies on a mission : entrepreneurial strategies for growing sustainably, responsibly, and profitably
Michael V. Russo. 658.408 RUS

Strategic corporate social responsibility : stakeholders in a global environment
William B. Werther, David Chandler. 658.408 WER

Saturday, September 04, 2010

New titles relevant to Communication Studies

World in the balance : the population paradox [videorecording]
304.6 WOR

Meaningful workplaces : reframing how and where we work
Neal Chalofsky. 658.38 CHA

Translation and gender : translating in the "era of feminism"
Luise von Flotow. 418.02 VON

Onward with executive power : lessons from New Zealand, 1947-57
Harshan Kumarasingham. 342.029 KUM

Internet survey methodology
Charles V. Balch. 001.4202854678 BAL

Media, cultural control and government in Singapore
Terence Lee. 302.23095957 LEE

Children, media and culture
Máire Messenger Davies. 302.23083 DAV

Confucian-Daoist millennium?
Reg Little. 320.55 LIT