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Thursday, September 20, 2012

New books relevant to Communication Studies

The rise and fall of television journalism : just wires and lights in a box? Steven Barnett
070.195 BAR

The handbook of media and communication research : qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Edited by Klaus Bruhn Jensen.
302.23 HAN

Media, society, world : social theory and digital media practice. Nick Couldry.
302.23 COU

A cultural approach to interpersonal communication : essential readings. Edited by Leila Monaghan, Jane E. Goodman, Jennifer Meta Robinson.
302.2 CUL

Writing your way : creating a writing process that works for you. Don Fry.
808.042 FRY

The handbook of intergroup communication. Edited by Howard Giles [et al]
303.482 HAN

Digital futures for cultural and media studies. John Hartley.
302.231 HAR

Media literacies : a critical introduction. Michael Hoechsmann and Stuart R. Poyntz.
302.23 HOE

Digital vertigo : how today's online social revolution is dividing, diminishing, and disorienting us. Andrew Keen.
302.231 REE

Saving the world : a brief history of communication for development and social change. Emile G. McAnany.
338.90014 MCA

Journalism across cultures : an introduction.  Levi Obijiofor, Folker Hanusch.
070.4332 OBI

Radio and society : new thinking for an old medium. Edited by Matt Mollgaard.
302.2344 RAD

Finding a voice : themes and discussions. research from the Finding a Voice Project. Edited by Jo Tacchi and MS Kiran.
025.040681 FIN

News on the internet : information and citizenship in the 21st century.  David Tewksbury & Jason Rittenberg.
070.4 TEW

Monday, August 27, 2012

New titles relevant to Communication Studies

The new new journalism : conversations with America's best nonfiction writers on their craft. Robert S. Boynton.
071.30904 NEW

JournalismNext : a practical guide to digital reporting and publishing. Mark Briggs
070.4 BRI

Business writing in the digital age. Natalie Canavor.
651.74 CAN

Communication, new media and everyday life . Tony Chalkley
302.23 COM

Wilful blindness : why we ignore the obvious at our peril. Margaret Heffernan.
155.9 HEF

Branding television. Catherine Johnson.
384.550688 JOH

Events exposed : managing & designing special events . Lena Malouf.
394.2068 MAL

The social media reader. edited by Michael Mandiberg.
302.231 SOC

Net smart : how to thrive online. Howard Rheingold
302.231 RHE

The master switch : the rise and fall of information empires. Tim Wu.
384.041 WU

Monday, June 25, 2012

New books relevant to Communication Studies:

Media/impact : an introduction to mass media. Shirley Biagi

302.23 BIA


Communication and social change. Arun Bhatia.
302.2 BH


Events management : an introduction. edited by Charles Bladen

394.2068 BLA


Communication, culture & society in Papua New Guinea : yu tok wanem?. Edited by Evangelia Papoutsaki, Michael McManus, Patrick Matbob.

302.2309953 COM


Resonate: present visual stories that transform audiences. Nancy Duarte.
658.452 DUA

Slide:ology : the art and science of creating great presentations. Nancy Duarte.
658.452 DUA

New Zealand film and television : institution, industry and cultural change. Trisha Dunleavy and Hester Joyce
791.430993 DUN

Refugee stories. edited by Maria Hayward
305.906910993 REF

Tackling Tumblr: Web publishing made simple. Thord Daniel Hedengren.
006.752 HED

Consent of the networked : the world-wide struggle for Internet freedom. Rebecca MacKinnon
302.231 MAC

Event marketing : how to successfully promote events, festivals, conventions, and expositions. C.A. Preston
659 PRE

Dot-dash to Dot.com : how modern telecommunications evolved from the telegraph to the internet. Andrew Wheen
384.09 WHE

New Zealand : the making of an Asia-Pacific society.  Nicholas Tarling
919.3 TAR



Friday, February 24, 2012

New titles relevant to Communication Studies

Computer-mediated communication in personal relationships. edited by Kevin B. Wright & Lynne M. Webb.
302.30285 COM

Contesting media power : alternative media in a networked world. edited by Nick Couldry and James Curran.
302.23 CON

Digitally enabled social change : activism in the Internet age. Jennifer Earl and Katrina Kimport.
303.4840285 EAR

Communicating in the 21st century [3rd edition]. Baden Eunson.
302.2 EUN

The exercise book : creative writing exercises from Victoria University's Institute of Modern Letters. edited by Bill Manhire
808.0420711 EXE

Communicating across cultures at work. Maureen Guirdham.
658.45 GUI

Reflexivity & voice. edited by Rosanna Hertz
301.0723 HER

Write me a web page, Elsie! : how to write fresh, functional, findable content for intranets and web sites. Rachel McAlpine.
006.7 MCA

Media and terrorism : global perspectives. edited by Des Freedman, Daya Kishan Thussu.
363.325 MED