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Monday, October 14, 2013

New Books relevant to Communication Studies

Citizen witnessing : revisioning journalism in times of crisis. Stuart Allan.
070.43 ALL
Politics and the media. edited by Babak Bahador, Geoff Kemp, Kate McMillan, Chris Rudd.
302.23 POL

Media and communication research methods : an introduction to qualitative and quantitative approaches. Arthur Asa Berger, San Francisco State University .
302.23072 BER

Communicating : a social, career and cultural focus. Roy M. Berko
302.2 BER
Masters of the word : how media shaped history, from the alphabet to the Internet. William J. Bernstein.
302.2309 BER
The culture of connectivity : a critical history of social media. José van Dijck.
302.30285 DIJ

Tweets and the streets : social media and contemporary activism. Paolo Gerbaudo.
302.231 GER

Understanding social media. Sam Hinton and Larissa Hjorth.
302.231 HIN
Soft skills revolution : a guide to connecting with compassion for trainers, teams, and leaders. Maxine Kamin.
658.45 KAM
East & Southeast Asia 2012. Steven A. Leibo
950 LEI

A history of the internet and the digital future. Johnny Ryan.
303.4834 RYA

Human communication : principles and contexts. Stewart L. Tubbs.
302.2 TUB

Global communication : new agendas in communication. edited by Karin G. Wilkins, Joe D. Straubhaar, and Shanti Kumar.
302.2 GLO

Monday, May 13, 2013

New Books Relevant to Communication Studies

Digital media and society : an introduction. Adrian Athique.
302.231 ATH

Communication and PR from a cross-cultural standpoint : practical and methodological issues. Valérie Carayol & Alex Frame (eds.).
303.482 COM

Communication in history : technology, culture, society. David Crowley, Paul Heyer (eds).
302.209 COM

Analyzing the social web. Jennifer Golbeck.
302.3 GOL

A first look at communication theory. Em Griffin.
302.201 GRI

Promoting and marketing events : theory and practice. Nigel Jackson.
394.2 JAC

Nonverbal communication in human interaction. Mark L. Knapp, Judith A. Hall, Terrence G. Horgan.
302.222 KNA

Strategic communication : principles and practice . James Mahoney.
658.45 MAH

Global dexterity : how to adapt your behavior across cultures without losing yourself in the process. Andy Molinsky.
395.52 MOL

Twitter : social communication in the Twitter age. Dhiraj Murthy.
302.30285 MUR

Key concepts in special events management. Bernadette Quinn.
394.2 QUI

Interpersonal communication, putting theory into practice. Denise Solomon and Jennifer Theiss.
302.2 SOL

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Books relevant to Communication Studies

Development communication in directed social change : a reappraisal of theory and practice. Edited by Srinivas R. Melkote.
302.2 DEV

Design for media : a handbook for students and professionals in journalism, PR and advertising. Di Hand & Steve Middleditch.

686.22 HAN

The power of infographics : using pictures to communicate and connect with your audience. Mark Smiciklas.

302.2 SMI

Media audiences : effects, users, institutions, and power. John L. Sullivan.

302.23 SUL

Inter-Act : Interpersonal Communication Concepts, Skills, and Contexts. Kathleen S. Verderber &  Rudolph F. Verderber.

58.2 VER

Never forget national humiliation : historical memory in Chinese politics and foreign relations. Zheng Wang.

327.51 WAN

Monday, January 21, 2013

New books relevant to Communication Studies

The social organization : how to use social media to tap the collective genius of your customers and employees. Anthony J. Bradley, Mark P. McDonald.
658.872 BRA

Mediating across difference : Oceanic and Asian approaches to conflict resolution. edited by Morgan Brigg and Roland Bleiker.
303.69095 MED

Media life. Mark Deuze.
302.23 DEU

Your iPad 2 at work. Jason R. Rich
004.165 IPA RIC

Send : why people email so badly and how to do it better. David Shipley and Will Schwalbe.
651.7 SHI

Mass media revolution. J. Charles Sterin.
302.23 STE