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Monday, May 13, 2013

New Books Relevant to Communication Studies

Digital media and society : an introduction. Adrian Athique.
302.231 ATH

Communication and PR from a cross-cultural standpoint : practical and methodological issues. Valérie Carayol & Alex Frame (eds.).
303.482 COM

Communication in history : technology, culture, society. David Crowley, Paul Heyer (eds).
302.209 COM

Analyzing the social web. Jennifer Golbeck.
302.3 GOL

A first look at communication theory. Em Griffin.
302.201 GRI

Promoting and marketing events : theory and practice. Nigel Jackson.
394.2 JAC

Nonverbal communication in human interaction. Mark L. Knapp, Judith A. Hall, Terrence G. Horgan.
302.222 KNA

Strategic communication : principles and practice . James Mahoney.
658.45 MAH

Global dexterity : how to adapt your behavior across cultures without losing yourself in the process. Andy Molinsky.
395.52 MOL

Twitter : social communication in the Twitter age. Dhiraj Murthy.
302.30285 MUR

Key concepts in special events management. Bernadette Quinn.
394.2 QUI

Interpersonal communication, putting theory into practice. Denise Solomon and Jennifer Theiss.
302.2 SOL