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Monday, July 07, 2014

New Books relevant to Communication Studies

The digital reporter's notebook. Mark Blaine.
777 BLA

Corporate communication. Joep Cornelissen.
658.45 COR

Encyclopedia of media and communication. Marcel Danesi (Ed.)
302.203 ENC

New media : an introduction. Terry Flew.
302.23 FLE

Intro : a beginner's guide to journalism in 21st-century Aotearoa/New Zealand. Grant Hannis (Ed.)
079.93 INT

Supercommunicator : explaining the complicated in a digital age. Frank J. Pietrucha.
302.2 PIE

Feminist media : participatory spaces, networks and cultural citizenship. Elke Zobl, Ricarda Drüeke (eds.).
070.4490542 FEM